Wilcox Miller & Nelson offers optional executive coaching and executive relocation services to ensure the most effective transition for the new leader:

(1)    Relocating Family/Partner Assistance – Taking a new job often requires relocating to a new community. When considering an offer, a candidate may have to weigh the significance of interrupting a spouse or partner’s career. The decision to join a new organization may be based on whether career assistance services are offered to the spouse/partner as part of the relocation package.

(2)    Assimilation Coaching – Helps you enhance your business results by compressing the learning curve for employees in new positions and increasing success. Executives are expected to immediately begin making contributions and ramp up quickly, build peer relationships in a short period of time and adapt to the new organization’s culture. A three-month, one-on-one assimilation program will ensure the success and retention of your human capital investment.

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