Executive Transition: When an organization releases an employee, whatever the reason, it is a traumatic experience. In this situation several things can happen; the displaced individual may endure an identity crisis and emotions ranging from fear to anger and despair. These are all normal reactions. By engaging career transition services, stress can be minimized. Career transition services may also significantly shorten the time it takes the individual to find suitable employment.

Executive Coaching: Strong leadership and optimal performance from employees at all levels are critical to an organization’s success, particularly in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment. More organizations are turning to executive coaching as a way of not only achieving but sustaining the leadership and performance they need. For an organization, executive coaching is a cost and time effective way to retain the best performers, maintain productivity, and sustain morale during times of change. It is done within the context of the work environment and relevant to the real day-to-day work, with executive coaching objectives always linked to the business needs.

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