Lynne Hardman Promotes: Embedding a Coaching Culture

Today’s world of work is constantly changing. Operating within an environment of continuous and rapid change is the ‘norm’ for many organisations in 2018. Alongside this, more is being demanded of individual employees and flatter or continuously evolving structures are making career development opportunities more diverse and sometimes difficult to identify. To ensure success, leaders must ensure that their people are fully engaged and feel aligned to the business strategy.

Many companies invest in coaching programmes to develop leaders but the most forward thinking organisations recognise the value in offering coaching support more broadly throughout the workforce and in a range of situations. A strong culture of support for personal development, engendered by high quality coaching, helps to attract, engage and retain business critical talent.

Ensuring that organisational strategic priorities are understood at all levels of a workforce, and that behaviour and attitudes are aligned to ensure achievement of these goals, requires effective communication and collaboration between employer and employee. Leaders with well-developed coaching skills are most likely to achieve the required outcomes and those employees who have themselves benefitted from coaching are more likely to demonstrate the behaviours required for success. Although it can take time to invest in, build and embed this coaching culture, the increase in trust and commercial benefits to the organisation can be dramatic and long-lasting

Viewing coaching as an essential skill, required from all people managers across the organisation, is a good place to start. The ability to deliver tangible results from teams via effective coaching skills is something that can be measured and recognised. Developing these skills in people managers begins the process of embedding skills in the next generation.

However, the recent report ‘Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices’ found that only half of employees feel that their manager is good at seeking their views, something that a competent coaching style can avoid.

In our view, there are two common attributes of successful organisations. Firstly, business objectives and individual goals are closely aligned. Secondly, teams work together successfully to achieve common goals with these goals being well communicated, easily understood and embedded throughout the organisation at all levels.

However, for most organisations, achieving high levels of engagement needs focus. There is a wealth of evidence that suggests that, with the right coaching support, individuals can overcome many barriers – whether cognitive, behavioural, performance, attitudinal or career-goal related. This ensures that people both engage and align with their organisation’s objectives, as well as achieve their business and individual goals as part of an effective team.

To retain talent and maintain a competitive edge, companies should focus attention on building engagement, loyalty and job satisfaction. Organisations whose managers are effective coaches are the role models that create a coaching culture which ultimately creates a positive and productive environment for the entire workforce. A study conducted by Harvard Business School aligns with the Taylor Report and shows that the main motivator of employees is NOT reward and recognition, but progress. This sense of progress and development can be significantly enhanced by regular career coaching conversations between employee and employer within a companywide supportive coaching culture.

This article was featured on HR Grapevine Magazine.

This article was found on HR Grapevine.

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College to Career Program – San Antonio

A training program provided by Greene and Associates, Inc./CPI Firm

Make yourself marketable and find the career of your dreams with the Greene and Associates, Inc. team. Find the right job, refine your networking skills, and interview like a boss with this unique, customized workshop that will set you apart from your peers.

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Career Partners International Grows in the Toronto Market

Career Partners International (CPI), a leading global provider of Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development services, is pleased to announce that The Talent Company has exceeded the rigorous standards required to become a Career Partners International firm.  The Talent Company is now a  CPI partner firm, Supporting clients and their employees in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada market.

“Only those firms that ensure the highest quality of client and participant services are selected to join the Career Partners International Global Group,” said Doug Matthews, President & CEO of Career Partners International; “The Talent Company has an exceptional reputation and is constantly growing.”

The Talent Company, which has three offices servicing the Toronto area, was selected based on its expertise, quality, and reputation for success, combining its local market intelligence and solutions with CPI’s world-renowned career transition and executive coaching programs. The Talent Company serves as a trusted CPI partner leading organizations across all verticals, delivering innovative, yet practical solutions to their human capital needs.  In addition, their accomplished team of experts are often sought after as thought leaders to speak at industry events and conferences. The company’s “people first” mantra helped to validate that The Talent Company is a great match for the client-centric Career Partners International Global Group.

 “The vast global reach of CPI, and their focus on consistency and quality of delivery with all partners were certainly the most compelling reasons for joining Career Partners International,” said Greg Vertelman, Senior Partner with The Talent Company; “CPI’s incredible talent, their emphasis on high-touch consultation and results-focused services combined with their effective business model will be a great complement to how we support our clients on a global level.”

Career Partners International operates in over 300 global locations and guarantees excellent, personalized services with cutting-edge technology, whether in a local market or in cross-continent geographies.  With CPI’s global net promoter score of +78, you can be assured that the clients and candidates we serve achieve their career goals quickly and with exceptional satisfaction.

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Career Partners International Launches Breakthrough Job Search Platform: PowerMyCareer™

Career Partners International (CPI) has released the latest in technology advances to its job seekers and is proud to announce PowerMyCareer™, CPI’s proprietary digital Outplacement system. Combining cutting-edge programs, state-of-the-art technology, and interactive content, Career Partners International prepares Outplacement candidates for the future.

PowerMyCareer™ provides personalized job-matching and job leads, highly competitive and differentiated resumes and CVs, individualized social media marketing plans, and interactive interview training. This system is available in 16 languages for a uniform delivery system across the globe, including over 30 Quick-Talk learning videos on all steps of the job search process.

Career Partners International’s Outplacement candidates develop peer networks and communicate with career experts, while staying current with the latest news and trends in the employment marketplace. PowerMyCareer™ is accessible by any mobile or other web-enabled device and is flexible to accommodate participants’ preferences in their career transition experience.

The PowerMyCareer™ system also includes incredible tools to help individuals attain high quality job offers faster.  These tools include:

  • PowerMyResumeCV™ – allows participants to create competitive resumes, CVs and online interactive portfolios while leveraging social networks and tracking performance
  • PowerMyJobSearch™ – analyzes and aligns resumes and CVs to job descriptions, optimizing keywords for better resume performance on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • PowerMyInterview™ – provides interactive interview training utilizing real-time video technology and professional coaching feedback

With its high-tech and high-touch approach, Career Partners International achieves one of the strongest landing rates in the Outplacement industry for its job-search candidates. “Client companies can depend on Career Partners International for their employees’ quick and seamless transition into the marketplace with equal or better placement” said Doug Matthews, President and CEO of Career Partners International.

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Spotlight on Engaging a Global Workforce

Collaboration, agility, transparency, innovation and productivity are the five key challenges facing global companies over the next five years, according to data based on more than five million employees worldwide by global management consultancy Hay Group. However, the research also found that engagement and enablement levels in many global businesses remain a key area of concern.

The business environment is changing rapidly and operating across a number of global locations – including emerging markets – is now ‘the norm’.  However, global operations can introduce a host of additional challenges, concerns and issues when it comes to engaging an organization’s most important asset – its people.   The Hay Group research goes onto confirm that “Firms rated highest for engaging and enabling their staff achieve four and a half times the revenue growth of their lowest scoring counterparts and see up to 54% improvement on staff retention”. These statistics demonstrate just how important a consistent level of engagement is to sustaining performance across the globe.

Challenges for HR can be seen across all stages of the employee life-cycle and include cultural differences, attracting and retaining the right talent and communication issues.  Using an external provider with extensive global expertise and a unified and cohesive approach can alleviate many of these issues and ensure the right, culturally appropriate support for all parties. Situations that can most benefit from globally consistent external support may include:


Attracting and retaining the right talent is a challenge the world over.  It’s widely acknowledged that getting onboarding ‘right’ can reap rewards in terms of staff engagement and retention.  New employees form opinions about your organisation through their early experiences – this determines and drives their loyalty and motivation to stay.  An effective onboarding program sets a strong foundation for developing and retaining a happy, productive workforce.

The positive impacts on productivity, employer reputation, staff retention and commercial success are all significant benefits of providing tailored onboarding support and remain the same regardless of where your employees are based.

Just some of the areas of support that may be beneficial include:

  • Candidate Referencing
  • Assessment and Testing
  • Executive Onboarding
  • First 90 days support


Forward-thinking organisations recognize the value in developing not only their leaders, but employees at all levels. Often, the development of staff within central locations or headquarters is well structured, but those working in other locations or peripatetically are ‘left to their own devices’. A structured career plan and regular career conversations which reinforce global messages are key contributors to engagement and retention and can also help to fill any talent and future leadership gaps.

Support may include:

  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Leadership Team Development
  • Coaching the Coach
  • Board Facilitation
  • Critical Career Stage programs


Organizational change is a given in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment and research suggests that less than 60% of change initiatives succeed. Reasons for failure vary but, typically, they have one thing in common – a focus on the change process rather than the people affected.

By properly managing and supporting both leaders and individuals across all locations and countries,  you can build confidence in the change and help to maximize productivity both during and after the event.

Communication across global sites can be a real challenge at this time – relying on changes to be communicated remotely is often a recipe for disaster. When working with team members who have different native tongues, it’s common for key messages to get lost in translation and for rumors to take over. The globally connected environment in which we all operate means that a message delivered in one country can quickly reach a population in another without any of the relevant context. Fully integrated, global yet personally tailored communication can enhance engagement, resilience, behavior and morale resulting in a better outcome for all.

Support may include:

  • Talent Retention strategies
  • Embedding change
  • Leading teams through change
  • Increasing Resilience
  • Supporting personal transition


When consolidations, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions affect your workforce, emotions can run high. However, with the right support, it can lead to a positive outcome for all involved. Good employers want to fully support their employees to move on positively and with confidence to new opportunities as well as minimize business risk in terms of brand reputation and staff morale.

For global staff reductions an outplacement provider who can support a globally consistent approach whilst ensuring in depth local market expertise can prove invaluable.  An understanding of the local job market and local opportunities, as well as offering access to international career options and more varied career paths, is essential to a successful outcome.  Advice around available benefits, taxation, routes to volunteering and retirement options on a country by country basis can make all the difference to affected employees.

Support may include:

  • Individual and group outplacement
  • Skills development
  • Line manager support


This article was featured on HR Grapevine Magazine.

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Career Partners International (CPI) Elects Terry Gillis as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors

Career Partners International (CPI), a leading global provider of Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development services, has elected Terry Gillis as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors. Terry will work closely with the Board Chairman, Larry Fisher, as CPI continues to grow at a strong pace.

Terry possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that fostered the growth of a small consulting firm into London, Ontario’s most trusted human resource and talent management company, Carswell Partners, where he is now President and Managing Partner.

With a passion for seeing people and organizations succeed together, Terry’s expertise is in improving organizational culture, developing leadership, and increasing employee engagement. This passion coupled with solid business acumen and rigorous academic training drives Carswell Partners and Career Partners International to leverage only the most recent validated scientific findings to inform the processes used to drive performance and decrease risk in organizations through their people.

Terry is a member of the part-time faculty at Wilfrid Laurier’s Lazaridis School of Business in Waterloo where he teaches human resources to MBA and undergraduate students.  He is an active volunteer in the community including a member of the board of directors of Youth Opportunities Unlimited.  He is also actively involved in Career Partners International as Chair of the Partner Recruitment & Accountability Committee.

“Terry Gillis is an integral part of the Board of Directors and Career Partners International,” says Doug Matthews, President & CEO of Career Partners International. “He is fully committed to ensuring that Career Partners International protects its reputation as the highest quality service provider for the clients and participants we serve.”

Career Partners International’s global network of offices and experts guarantees excellent, personalized services with cutting-edge technology whether in a local market or cross-continent business to improve engagement of your employees that yields impressive business results and reduces unwanted attrition.

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Career Partners International Board of Directors for 2018-19

Career Partners International (CPI), a leading global provider of Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development services, has elected Larry Fisher as the new CPI Board Chairman. Larry Fisher is preceded by Sharon Imperiale, who will remain on the CPI Board as Chairman Emeritus.

Larry Fisher leads CPI’s New York Partner, The Ayers Group, as principal of the firm, overseeing all Career Transition, Executive Coaching, and Career Management programs. Larry has been with The Ayers Group for six years, focusing on building relationships and delivery of high quality, high touch solutions. The Ayers Group is a part of Kelly OCG’s Talent Advisory Services practice and a founding partner of Career Partners International (CPI). Larry has held a position on CPI’s Board of Directors for over two years.

Larry joined Career Partners International with over twenty years assisting clients effectively navigate organizational change. He holds a B.A. in Communications from the State University of New York at Oswego.

“Larry knows our business extremely well and brings a unique perspective,” says Doug Matthews, President & CEO of Career Partners International. “Larry Fisher has a strong history of success that will help guide us as Career Partners International continues to grow at a strong pace.”

Career Partners International’s global network of offices and experts guarantees excellent, personalized services with cutting-edge technology whether in a local market or cross-continent business to improve engagement of your employees that yields impressive business results and reduces unwanted attrition. To learn more about Career Partners International’s wide range of business-evolving offerings.

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Manage the Change, Don’t Let the Change Manage You

In a 2015 study, Gallup’s David Leonard and Claude Coltea asserted that 70 percent of all change initiatives fail. Anyone who has overseen a transformation knows that leading change is not easy. It’s complicated and commitment is required at multiple levels. Just as all organizations are different, no two change initiatives are the same. A change leader must consider the nuances and uniqueness of the organization – taking into account the needs of the business, the interdependencies between departments, and the impact to employees. While it isn’t easy, the following seven guiding principles will greatly increase your chances of successfully implementing your initiative.

1. Build a stable foundation for managing the change initiative and articulate your vision.

A strong foundation starts with a vision for the change that is aligned to the business strategy. Simply put, solid planning, competent leadership, and systemic thinking. Identify a change management team that the initiative deserves and who share in the vision. In addition to a sponsor (usually a senior leader), identify a change agent who is responsible for leading a broader change management team. This person must demonstrate strong influence skills and have broad organizational perspective. This team will be responsible for creating the road-map for the transformation.

2. Give the change agent and the change management team free reign to execute their plan.

In order to drive the change forward, the team must be given the opportunity and authority to plan, execute, and make decisions. This is not to say there cannot be oversight, but if the team believes that their ideas and recommendations will be corralled, they will instinctually confine their recommendations to only what they think will be accepted.  

3. Focus on the problems, not the symptoms.

Ground yourself using the question “what problem am I trying to solve”? Using this as your beacon will help assess the situation from an unbiased lens.  Using problem solving methods like the Five Whys, conducting a SWOT analysis to understand the internal and external factors, and other popular methods will ensure you are addressing the right issues.

4. Use a balanced and inclusive approach to gathering information. Look beyond the numbers.

Often, the first indication that a problem exists is the qualitative data – such as handle times in a call center or conversion rates in a marketing group. Equally important however, is qualitative data from the frontlines.  Involve frontline leadership and key team members to get a perspective from the trenches. Not only will you gain the “color commentary” around the numbers, you’ll reduce resistance by giving them a sense of inclusion.

5. Use the power of the people.

While leadership can limit resistance by creating excitement and anticipation for the changes, humans are wired to be suspicious of unfamiliar things. Successful change initiatives set the stage by articulating the business need; building momentum by engaging and soliciting input; giving employees needed tools and resources; and anchoring the changes by recognizing accomplishments and celebrating successes. Making the transition as easy as possible for the individuals who are tasked with execution, creates the least disruption to the operation and ensures long-term sustainability.

6. Communicate, communicate, and communicate.

Use storytelling and personalization to explain how the changes will improve things. Talking about a customer who had to spend hours on the phone trying to resolve a problem with their sick child’s prescription, or how “Mary in finance” won’t need to work 12 hour days at the end of the quarter to close out the books is much more powerful than “this change will make us more efficient and responsive to customer needs.” It is also most effective to use multiple mediums and venues to allow for employees to address concerns and ask questions. Senior leadership and/or HR should be represented in these venues and could include town halls and dedicated staff meetings.

7. Identify the metrics that will guide you to your end game.

Having clear and measurable goals that help define the path to a successful transformation is vitally important when executing a broader strategy and ensuring sustainability. Identify clear key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide everyone with consistent and measurable goals. The KPIs should be tied to the strategy and the reasons behind the transformation.

CPI’s unique approach to managing change is illustrated in our proprietary Change Navigation Model™. We help our clients and their leaders traverse the path to a successful transformation by recognizing the fundamental needs of both the organization and the employees.  This holistic approach anchors the process in three distinct phases: Creating a Vision which aligns the change plan to the broader business strategy; Planning and Building Momentum by considering the needs of the employees; and, Implementing and Sustaining the change by seeing the plan through and celebrating the successes.


Mark Saddic
Senior Talent Development Consultant
CPI Philadelphia

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It’s the Best Networking Time of the Year!

Many job seekers think that they need to slow down their job seeking through the holidays, because nothing is going to happen between now and the end of the year.  Businesses are hard at work closing this year’s deals as well as preparing for next year.  Job seekers need to be doing the same thing.  Holidays or not, businesses need talent.

Smart job seekers capitalize on holiday networking opportunities to find smart ways to build their job search momentum.  They challenge conventional wisdom, and find the reality is a whole lot different than the myth!  Here are six reasons why the holidays are a great time to accelerate your job search.

Competition decreases

Conventional wisdom may be widely accepted, but it is not always wise.  The belief that nobody is hiring during the Holidays is a good example.  This is great news for you, the wise but unconventional job seeker!  Less competition!  It’s time for you to intensify your search and take advantage of the fact that others have slowed down their efforts and made an early start on ugly sweaters and egg nog.

Business travel slows down

One benefit of being a job seeker is that you don’t have to fight the airport crowds doing yet another business trip.  And maybe you’re not the only one.  Maybe those busy executives – the ones who are always on the road and hard to reach – have decided to give the TSA a miss, too.  They’re back in town over the holidays and available to meet with you to give some valuable advice and key referrals that will help you in your job search.

People are more receptive

Tis the season to be jolly!  Holiday parties with family, friends, and industry associations give you many opportunities to network.  Decision makers, like everyone else, are in the holiday mood and more accessible.  What’s more, if you play your cards right, they might invite you to that holiday party where you can meet other senior execs for more advice and information.

Budgets drive decisions

Without budget approval, there is no job.  When budgets expire at the end of the year, no hiring manager wants to have to go to their boss and ask for new approval to hire next year simply because they didn’t get around to filling the position this year.  They need to get that vacancy filled in a hurry!  Target that hiring manager and show them you are the talented person they have been looking for.  It’ll solve their problem – and yours!

Recruiters want their commissions

If there’s a recruiter involved, you can rest assured they want to maximize their year-end commission.  And they don’t get paid unless you – or someone like you – gets hired before the end of the year.  You’re well qualified, experienced and prepared.  So, why shouldn’t it be you in that position?

You want to maintain your momentum

Winning that great job does not happen over night.  You have to work at it diligently and persistently.  Building and maintaining momentum is key.  Your competition, having decided that partying and shopping is more important than job seeking, has dropped back to the end of the line.  And, even if you haven’t already won the job, you’re ahead of the game and at the front of the line come the beginning of January!  Ready, willing and able!


So, re-write the lyrics of the familiar holiday tune and sing “It’s the Best Networking Time of the Year!”  Ask your Career Coach to help you change your thinking and adopt a different approach, to end up with the job you want, one where you can succeed.  Remember that finding employment is a business transaction – you win the job because you demonstrate that you can solve the business problem that keeps the hiring manager awake at night.  Become effective and impassioned in selling a product you know best – YOU!



Brian Hinchcliffe is Director, Executive Career Transition Services, with Career Partners International in Houston, Texas.  He prepares executives for their next career opportunity.

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Career Partners International’s High-Tech Career Coaching Delivers Extraordinary Results

Career Partners International (CPI) is one of the largest career transition and outplacement firms in the world, offering consistent support to clients across the globe, whether they separate a single employee or are faced with a large-scale layoff. With a Net Promoter Score of +78 and 97% of candidates reporting full satisfaction, Career Partners International is pleased to offer its best-in-class services to clients and participants across continents.

Career Partners International prides itself on having industry-leading technology with a digital suite of tools and resources that assists job seekers. However, in today’s career transition industry, technology can become a crutch that elongates an individual’s job search success when used in lieu of the personal interaction that leads to meaningful results. In our highly digital world, the data still supports that  70% of candidates find their next position through networking not sitting in front of a computer.  For example, Career Partners International’s online job search tool is a great gateway to find opportunities, but the team’s one-on-one career coaching is what determines candidates their next best step to connect directly with decisionmakers in their target companies. The average tenure of CPI coaches is well over 10 years, so CPI knows what it takes for a person to effectively move through a transition, conduct a job search, and onboard themselves into a new role.

“One-on-one mentoring provided customized evaluation of my personal career options, relevant companies, and offered concise evaluation. My coach was an excellent mentor providing honest feedback to how I should proceed during the job search process,” said a participant who successfully landed a new role. “All training sessions completed the learning of how to successfully apply for a job. Resume development, job offer negotiation, and dealing with external recruiters were other important skills that I improved on as a result of this program.”

“All the people at Career Partners International were supportive, informative and made my journey easy,” said another successful participant. “I don’t think I would have found a job so quickly without their help.”

Career Partners International’s exceptional candidate landing time of 2.73 months is a direct result of the personal interaction its coaches offer to clients and candidates. While CPI has the industry’s most advanced and robust technology, it is its 1:30 coach to candidate ratio (as opposed to the industry standard of 1:200 candidates) that allows for the most satisfactory results.

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