5 Signs It’s the Perfect Time for Executive Coaching

Harvard Business Review recently posted an article “4 Signs an Executive Isn’t Ready for Coaching.”  While not every executive needs a coach, this practice can be transformational and help a leader ascend to a higher level of performance.  With over thirty years of international coaching experience, Career Partners International (CPI) provides trusted advisors to thousands of executives.  Our team highlights five excellent opportunities to partner with an executive coach:

  1. Organizational Changes

Change can disrupt the status quo.  Even senior leadership teams that have previously worked well together can be thrown into disarray when impacted by organizational change. If there are already areas of dysfunction within the team, then change can exacerbate it, making it even more difficult to achieve goals and meet deadlines.

Expert coach led executive coaching and senior team facilitation can help leaders assess where they are, acknowledge and address their personal barriers, constructively surface and address individual or group conflicts, and help them to develop team cohesion, whilst re-embedding commitment to shared objectives.

On a practical level it can also have an immediate impact by raising the skills and competencies of team members and helping them to identify and address issues that are impacting the effectiveness of the change journey.

-Lynne Hardman, CEO, Working Transitions, London, UK

  1. Improve Interpersonal Skills

 CEOs have long benefited from working with external executive coaches. Jack Welch was an early example of a success story in terms of making incredible changes to his demeanor as well as his effectiveness as a leader, changes that were the direct result of taking advantage of executive coaches back in the day when he wanted to transition away from his reputation as “neutron-Jack.”

CEOs are often reluctant to show their vulnerability, let alone their weaknesses to anyone in the company, and understandably find it difficult to discuss these areas internally.  It is rare for CEOs to receive ongoing necessary constructive feedback about their performance as a leader. Who is going to volunteer to provide it? Sure, they are typically immersed in data regarding bottom-line results, but what about day-to-day positive reinforcement and timely feedback about potential dysfunctional behavior?

That’s where an executive coach comes in. Ideally, we recommend matching a CEO with a seasoned external resource who can establish a supportive relationship. In addition to being available as a neutral third party to challenge the CEO’s thinking, the coach can solicit feedback on the CEO’s behalf and deliver it in a way that can be heard and reacted to.

– Joan Caruso, Managing Director, The Ayers Group, New York, USA

  1. Stepping into a New Role

 Taking the leap into a new position in the C-suite requires a different set of skills than most have used in the past.  As in sports, executives can improve their performance by having a coach. Coaches can lead executives to their state of excellence. Coaching helps professionals to enhance their self-awareness as well as to develop competencies that improve their performance and increase employability.

Following a promotion, new executives may experience doubt or conflicting plans of action.  A mobilizing factor to seek a qualified coach is the need to stay steady and make progress. A coach also helps when professionals are in crisis regarding their jobs, in doubt about what to do, or even when they intend to implement projects for which they lack experience.

-José Augusto Minarelli, CEO, Lens & Minarelli, Career Partners International Brazil

  1. Seeking Alternative Viewpoints

An openness to, and acceptance of coaching is one of the most valuable traits for an executive to bring to the table.  Understanding that there is always room to improve oneself has led to extremely impactful coaching engagements.  An experienced coach can provide viewpoints that may not be readily available within an organization.  Once a leader has acknowledged they may be operating with blind spots, opportunities to identify weaknesses and enhance strengths present themselves.

A coach can help foster a leader’s natural curiosity as well, providing new perspectives and creative ideas to help the organization excel.  Coaches may be able to provide suggestions for unique literature or other sources of information on leadership and organizations.  A coach’s viewpoint, through direct interaction with the executive and communications with their team, can provide an unbiased perspective and highlight new opportunities for growth.

-Margarete Dupere and David Brendel, Executive Coaches at Camden Consulting, Boston, USA

  1. Professional & Personal Development

Many executives have already experienced the value of having a coach and seek out this benefit throughout their careers.  Having a professional coach keeps them at the top of their game and allows them to explore new avenues of development.  They recognize the importance self-awareness and self-development have on their success as a leader.  By being open to observation, reflection, and committing to an action plan they gain an elevated perspective on issues within the organization.  A trusted partner is a key tool in this executive’s kit, one they know elevates their performance personally and professionally.

-Nance MacLeod, Executive Coach, Career Compass, Toronto, Canada

While executive coaching isn’t a silver bullet, a trusted advisor can often help unlock potential to go from good to great.  As Joan Caruso says, “My guess is that if your CEO golfs, he or she has a golf pro, if they play tennis they have a tennis pro, so why not have a leadership pro in the form of an executive coach?”  For over 30 years, CPI has helped organizations and individuals realize their full potential and sharpen their competitive edge.

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Executive Coaching is a Leader’s Secret Weapon

Successful organizations recognize the advantage of ongoing development for leaders and the benefits of providing situational coaching.  Career Partners International (CPI) helps leaders achieve their goals with an emphasis on providing meaningful executive coaching services that meet the unique circumstances and needs of the organization.  CPI Executive Coaching participants report a 95% satisfaction rate, resulting in highly engaged executives and real-world improvements.

CPI offers Executive Coaching across the globe in virtually all industries.  Coaches possess extensive experience, training, and education employed to facilitate each coaching engagement.  World-class coaches utilize a variety of assessments including 360 reviews, observation, and direct feedback to support each participant.

“When I was being coached, I had only been with the company for 8 months. The company was undergoing organizational and leadership changes. My challenges included dealing with evolution and ambiguity, daily business issues, and learning a totally new industry. There were new faces and new products, as well as cultural differences in the US and Asia (at that time were quite different). My CPI coach was able to point out culture issues for me to pay attention to and worked with me to analyze the feedback reports and focus on areas for improvement.”  –VP of Marketing

Forward thinking organizations embrace coaching as a core component of their leadership development strategy aimed at exceeding business goals.  Beyond the personal improvements that come with a successful coaching engagement is the value this practice brings to the organization.  Employees of coached executives show higher levels of engagement and improved work performance.  Hewitt reports highly engaged firms have a total shareholder return 19% higher than average, while low engagement results in a 44% decrease in returns.  Executive coaching results in more effective leadership, increased workforce engagement, and improved returns.

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Career Transition Participants Thrive With High-Touch Coaching

Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to announce phenomenal outplacement participant satisfaction continues into 2018.  With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +78, CPI proves that a high touch approach to outplacement services yields the best results for participants and for clients.  NPS is a globally recognized, customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely a customer is to recommend the service to a friend.

As a global industry leader and trusted advisor for 30 years, Career Partners International maintains a people centered approach to career management along with a leading edge digital career portal. CPI provides comprehensive outplacement services in the strictest confidence with integrity, compassion, and respect for all individuals. These highly personalized programs ensure employees remain brand advocates, regardless of their career direction.

Much to my delight, there was incredible support offered by each member of the Career Partners International staff. I landed a wonderful job with a successful and growing company within three months!”   V. Geiman, Plant Manager

While other organizations offer an exclusively online delivery model, CPI still provides direct, individual participant support with an industry low coach to participant ratio of 30 to 1.  This unique approach allows coaches to focus on each participant’s needs.  With an industry leading average time to re-employment of 2.73 months, and 80% of participants landing at equal or greater compensation than their previous position, it’s no surprise that participants recommend CPI to others.

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In The War For Talent, The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to introduce our new employee engagement workshop, PowerMyWork™.  With decades of career management experience, CPI understands the value of an engaged workforce. The combined hard and soft costs from a disengaged workforce is an astounding $350 Billion annually, as reported by the Harvard Business Review. The war for talent is only getting worse, with USA Today reporting 73% of surveyed employees are open to opportunities at other organizations.  Employee engagement is a top priority for organizations looking to increase productivity and retain talent.

PowerMyWork™ demonstrates the powerful connection between highly engaged employees and business performance. This program enables participants to identify their strengths and how to leverage them to ensure a greater contribution to the organization. The insight gained ultimately leads to increased employee satisfaction and improved engagement – while maximizing organizational retention rates.

“Before this program, I had every intention of leaving the company. My career satisfaction was lower than it had ever been, and my stress level and frustration with my role was growing daily. It was only through the clarity and enlightenment I received from the program that realized I had the power to change my situation and stay with the company.” – Marketing Manager

More than ever, employers are looking for effective ways to improve the employee experience.  Focused on further developing an employee’s strengths, CPI’s PowerMyWork™ offers a unique program resulting in improved satisfaction and productivity.  PowerMyWork™ is a flexible, in-person workshop administered by our highly trained CPI Career Coaches who are committed to delivering a world-class experience in every session.

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CPI Renews Retirement Options’ Accreditation with International Coach Federation

Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to announce that, for the sixth consecutive year, our Retirement Options Webinar Certification program has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 36 hours of Continued Coaching Education credits. As the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches ICF is committed to connecting member coaches with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers.

Founded in 1989, Retirement Options is CPI’s “retirement readiness” branch of services. Utilizing two world-class assessments, the Retirement Success Profile™ and the LifeOptions Profile™, Certified Coaches are equipped with the tools, training and support to effectively coach the largest demographic in the world, Baby Boomers. Thousands of individuals, couples, and employees of corporate clients have participated in the Retirement Options program to develop the building blocks for more successful retirement plans! With a directory of over 850 Certified Coaches around the world, Retirement Options helps individuals connect with local ICF Certified Coaches to better plan for the future.

“Working with Retirement Options helped me grow my coaching practice,” said Certified Coach, Bob Coulson. “The assessments are great tools that helped my clients identify gaps in their retirement preparation and helped me structure my coaching for the greatest impact.”

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Rigid Job Offer?

CPI Board Member, Elaine Varelas’ Insight On Inflexible Job Offers

Published in MoneyINC.com, Elaine Varelas discusses “One-Sided Negotiations: Is a Company’s Inflexibility on Job Offers a Red Flag?”

Being offered a new role that’s a great fit professionally and culturally is an exciting time—unless an unproductive negotiation process taints the entire experience.  Read the complete article at MoneyINC.com


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CPI Welcomes Chris Boyd As Global Marketing Director

Chris Boyd – Marketing Director

CPI Welcomes Chris Boyd as Global Marketing Director

Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to announce that Chris Boyd has joined the organization as Global Marketing Director. CPI continues to grow on a global level, offering unparalleled, high-touch career management solutions.  From outplacement services with participants landing in an average of 2.73 months, to an expansive network of specialized executive and leadership coaches, CPI is the trusted source for career consultants.  “Constantly innovating, CPI is moving into the future with an expanding portfolio of career services and entry into even more markets around the world,” says Doug Mathews, CEO of CPI. “We are very fortunate to have Chris on our team to help drive these initiatives.”

With a focus on developing the brand, Chris is looking forward to strengthening CPI’s role in the market and supporting the growth of our 66 partner firms.  Chris joins the organization with a broad marketing experience, working with small, family-owned organizations and Fortune 50 companies alike.  He has led teams in product development, brand management, and marketing communications.  Chris has a B.A. from Muhlenberg College as well as an MBA and M.S. from Wilmington University.

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Career Partners International Presents Leadership Succession Planning for Asian Businesses at SHRM Conference in Chicago

Mr. Anthony Raja Devadoss, SHRM-SCP, SPHRi serves as Managing Director and Regional Head of APAC at Persolkelly Consulting, a Career Partners International firm. Mr. Devadoss previously served as VP of APAC with KellyOCG.  He holds memberships in various local and international associations such as MIM, Human Capital Institute, and is a chapter board member of the HROA APAC.  He has received his bachelor’s degree in Science, MBA in Marketing, and a postgraduate diploma in Computing.

Wealth transfer and wealth preservation are critical topics for discussion on a global basis.  In Asia, succession planning has been ranked among the most important issues faced by family-controlled business, with over $16 trillion of wealth to be passed onto future generations in the next three decades.  According to the Family Business Institute, only 30% of family-owned businesses last into the second generation, with 12% remaining viable into the third generation.  Proper succession planning is essential to ensuring continued growth of family-owned businesses.

“Managing the complexities of succession planning isn’t just about transferring assets, though that can be complicated enough with business structures that cross national and international borders.  There are also convoluted inheritance laws and regulations, in addition to entangled family structures, that can be challenging to unpack.  Having a thorough plan in place that can be executed with precision when necessary can help parties avoid conflict, legal battles, asset depletion, and many unfavorable situations,” explains Mr. Devados.

Mr. Devados will be presenting at the SHRM Conference in Chicago on Monday, June 18th, 2018 from 2 PM to 3:15 PM.  Attendance qualifies for 1.25 SHRM PDC’s.

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Adena Johnston, PhD: Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership

Career Partners International (CPI) is proud to announce the academic achievement of a key team member. Yes, Adena Johnston, Vice President and Practice Leader for CCI, a Career Partners International firm in Greater Philadelphia, has completed the requirements for the Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership and will formally receive her degree and doctoral honors on May 6th from Thomas Jefferson University.

Johnston is a part of the school’s first graduating cohort and is thrilled to be a contributing member of the program. Johnston articulates, “Being the first cohort of a program is an opportunity to blaze the trail for others and to conduct research that is both relevant for leaders facing disruption and for practitioners who devote time and attention to organizational development. My research applied a design thinking and systems thinking intervention to re-envision talent management for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The results showed that applying my practitioner-method helps pave the way for organizations to compete in a rapidly shifting landscape.”

As a Practice Leader for Talent Development, Adena knows that talent management is a complex blend of many factors and that organizations that get it right proudly demonstrate their high performance. The research that Adena completed will enable her team to not only examine deeper leadership development channels, but also assist clients in leading the change that organizations need to become successful in the future. “CPI is a very client-centric organization. We are routinely asked to consult on issues of organizational concern such as employee engagement and enhancing the employee experience. There is a lot of conjecture about the future world of work. Adena’s research gives us a validated view of what leaders predict and what the related emerging issues may be. Creating innovative and strategic programs to pave the way forward for our clients is our goal,” states Sharon Imperiale, President of CCI.

Adena is a highly skilled consultant; in addition to her recent doctoral studies in leadership strategy, she holds a M.S. in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania as well as certification as an Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach. In addition to her academic credentials, she is an adjunct professor teaching Sociology, Culture in the Workplace, Psychology, Leadership and Organizational Development. Adena’s expertise is as vast as her desire to assist clients with developing and reaching all their goals.

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Career Partners International Announces the 2018 Annual Global Meeting

Career Partners International (CPI) is widely viewed as an innovative, client-centric force in Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development, which is why CPI experienced explosive revenue growth during 2017, and positive results are trending into 2018. The Career Partners International team is driving innovation and growth across every geography.

Attendees at this year’s Annual Global Meeting (AGM) are the senior leaders of the organization, arriving from Argentina, Mexico, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Holland, Australia, China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. On tap for discussion are several new service offerings, as CPI continues to roll out best-in-class digital innovation to elevate the user experience (UX). CPI acknowledges that growing revenue is an organizational directive; however, as Doug Matthews, CEO asserts:

                “We never want to lose sight of the client experience. Meeting and exceeding client

                expectations will send a clear message to everyone that even though we have earned

                a Net Promoter Score of +78, the highest in the industry, that doesn’t mean

                we will stop driving innovation, perfecting the user interface (UI), or dotting I’s or

                crossing T’s. Our clients deserve our very best efforts.”

This year’s guest speakers include Kevin Oakes, CEO of the Institute for Corporate Productivity and Tom Kaminsky, VP of Kelly OCG – Talent Advisory Services. Each will discuss topics germane to unmasking the future of career transition services, and how to strategically pursue what’s next for CPI. CPI utilizes a customer-centric approach to doing business, whereby all associates are fully engaged on the client service continuum and are focused on driving the best possible outcomes.

Each year CPI invites clients to attend the AGM; this year those attending the Summit include individuals from GE Oil and Gas, Franks, Army Corps of Engineers, 5 Star Packaging, and Nabors Drilling.  Also

CPI’s Asia Pacific Regional Leader, Anthony Raja Devadoss, will be presenting on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the our industry and our clients. You can follow along and view the highlights of the meeting, during the week of April 23rd, on CPI’s social media platforms.

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